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Terry Tario - Scratched & Raw

Available at CD Baby and iTunes

Brent Cashell - The First of November

Available now at CD Baby and iTunes

Visit Brent's myspace page HERE

Feast of Love soundtrack

Check out the Feast of Love soundtrack, featuring the Darren Smith single "Ghost."

Available at: Amazon.com, or anywhere music soundtracks are sold.

Website: Darren Smith, Feast of Love

Douglas Cameron - Ever Since You Left

Michal Whiton - To Be A Noble Gas

Website: http://www.myspace.com/michalwhiton

Available at CDBaby and iTunes

Casey Miller Discography

Mstr=mastered, Mix=mixed, Rec=recorded, Prod=producer

2009 Straw Dogs Love and then Hope Rec
2008 Douglas Cameron The Nashville Sessions
2008 Terry Tario Scratched & Raw

2008 Brent Cashell The First of November Mstr,Mix,Rec,co-Prod
2007 Dave von Beck "When Heaven Falls" (Crafty Records)
2007 Take Over Tuesday EP
2007 Ron Marler
Tangled In Strings
2007 Matt Hartz Pictures Mstr
2007 Douglas Cameron Ever Since You Left Mstr,Mix,Rec,co-Prod
2007 Michal Whiton To Be A Noble Gas Mstr,Mix,Rec,Prod
2006 Dean Schmidt I Know Nothing (Origin) Mix
2006 Douglas Cameron Remedies Mix,Rec,co-Prod
2006 Darren Smith Last Drive (Crafty Records) Rec
2006 Sonando Tres (Origin) Mix,Rec
2005 Straw Dogs Tell The Rising Sun (Orchard) Mix,Rec
2005 Brad Walters upcoming album Mix,Rec,Prod
2005 Douglas Cameron Crossed The Colorado Line Mst,Mix,Rec,co-Prod
2005 Ala Zingara Murder Of Crows (Zingara Zoo) Mix,Rec,co-Prod
2005 H.A.T. Honest American Thought Mix,Rec,Prod
2004 Brad Walters Life As A Stone Mix,Rec,Prod
2004 Douglas Cameron Consequence of My Choices Mstr,Mix,Rec,co-Prod
2004 Ala Zingara Shackled To The Wind (Zingara Zoo) Mix,Rec,co-Prod
2003 Straw Dogs Hum Of The Motor (Crafty Records) Rec
2003 Jam On White Bread What's That Mean? co-Prod